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Hello 2009


We’re beginning this year by starting a blog. People have been asking when we were going to get one together. Since we’re taking a break this first half of the year, we thought it’d be a perfect time to set up a blog to update you on some of our recent work, including some of our non-wedding photography.  We hope you enjoy it!

Firstly, it’s such a privilege to be respected and to work in something we really enjoy.  We’ve always been keen ‘friends’ photographers ever since we could remember.  We even remember photographing at each other’s wedding.  Moving into professional photography was a natural extension for both of us.  We both come from design backgrounds.  Dawn studied Visual Communications and then worked as an animator for Disney, and Andrew practiced as an architect in a leading design firm.

We’ve come a long way since starting in 2006.  We’ve upgraded our gear, we’ve streamlined our workflow, and of course we’re constantly refining our craft as photographers. One of the best things about photography is that there is no end to learning and so we’re keen to grow even more. We’re always critiquing our work and being inspired by the great masters like Cartier-Bresson and more contemporary photographers like Jeff Ascough.

Our aim at Storyphotography is to create elegant and natural documentary-style images, and we look forward to capturing more memories and telling more stories with our photography.