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Linda and Albert


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Raymond and Tracey


These guys enjoyed themselves so much, the photography was just something that happened in the background.

Its the first time I’ve seen a groom been asked by the speaker to sing Frank Sinatra

is there a better backdrop than the opera house steps

the bridal party would break into charlie angles poses throughout the day

sails at the opera house


Andrew and Joyce


Thanks Andrew and Joyce for being so gracious to us.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

Really like the furnishings at the hotel room, especially the pretty lights.

what a view!

The crossing was asking to be photographed.

the ‘wall’

I like walls.  Plain walls, coloured walls, textured walls.  This one formed a good backdrop with the two lamp posts on the right.

new favourite hydrant booster wall.


Ken and Peggy


Kens one of my best friends from uni.  Even though we only catch up once every few years now, its always fun to catch up and do the archi talk.  Ken and Peggy married in HK but swang by Sydney on their wedding tour.

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Alison and Pete


Alison and Pete had their wedding at athol hall.  Everything was within walking distance, the ceremony, the photoshoot at the beach, and the reception at the cute little hall at the top of the hill facing the harbour.

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Aidan and Bethany


There was constant rain throughout Aidan’s and Bethanys wedding day.  The rain really challenged us to come up with some of our best work to date.  The light was fantastically soft, the locations were really classy and the bride and groom were really in control throughout.  We rarely directed the action, just photographing what was there was already perfect.  Thanks guys.

I love this photo! It looks like a scene lifted from an old movie. Bethany looked so retro and so elegant.

The bride looks as if she’s in a photo frame. The house has an historic feel to it, with heavy dark wood door frames, lovely wall paper and stained glass windows. I really enjoyed shooting there- there were so many possibilities and interesting compositions.

The colours are beautiful and rich here- the orange Christmas lights give such a nice atmosphere, and the green in the tie really lifts the photo.

And this is just cool!

It never stopped raining that day, but that made the light beautifully soft.

The church had lighting that was quite difficult- it was like having spotlights everywhere. But it added to the drama of the photos.

Walsh Bay was a great spot to take pics in the rain.  Its like a ready made photostudio.

In post processing the photos from their location shoot, we made the colours a bit desaturated, but upped the contrast of light and dark. That really suited the rainy day and soft light, and gave the photos more mood.

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Richard and Lina


It was fun shooting for Richard and Lina.  Lina is Swedish and super stylish.  Richard knows a thing or two about buildings and made sure we had great locations to shoot at.  The ceremony was at St James on King Street.  The shoot was essentially a walk in and out of Hyde Park, and the reception was at one of my favourite buildings, The Mint.

This composition was entirely natural, but it worked so well! The framing of the ornate door, the rich brown and gold colours, and the clear silhouettes make the photo look like a carefully composed oil painting.

St Johns on King Street

The couple signed their registry in this beautiful sanctuary

The angles of the building and of the streets and fence add so much to the photo. Everything focuses in on the bride and groom, and they are staged perfectly.

This was one of Richard and Lina’s favourite shot. A vast, clean backdrop, with purposeful action, and of course the gorgeous little flowergirl in red!

The reception was across the road at the Mint building.

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