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Archive of articles classified as' "PORTRAITS"

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The Soh Family



Ben and Elena Prewedding



Paul and Pamela Prewedding shoot


Had a great walk in the park with Paul and Pam.


like how the grass rolls on and on

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Having done the pregnancy shoot for Kathleen and Andrew only weeks ago, it was wonderful to meet little Bryson face to face. Here he is!


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Kathleen and Andrew’s Pregnancy Shoot


Capturing Kathleen’s pregnancy in her 38th week was special- especially knowing that I’ll be meeting the little bub soon for a newborn shoot! Unlike a lot of fine art pregnancy photography done in a studio, these photos were taken in the intimacy of Kathleen and Andrew’s home. I like these shots because I think they capture not so much the glamour of pregnancy, but rather Kathleen and Andrew’s pregnancy- with a certain quiet expectancy in their excitement.

All the best you guys! Next time I see you- you’ll be a family of 3!!!!


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The Tam Family Shoot


This shoot for the Tam family was a birthday present from the daughters to the dad! – what a sweet idea! We started the shoot at their home, and then drove down the road to a waterside park. The afternoon was enjoyable and fun, because the whole family loved to laugh, and were very relaxed- as the photos show!

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