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Archive of published articles on November, 2009

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Chatswood Civic Place Site Visit


Had the opportunity to visit Chatswood Civic Place.  The project is really shaping up.  Most of the concrete is poured, the steelwork is starting to get erected.  All the scaffolding is shaped to the curvy form of the building, can start to imagine it now.

Helmets and glasses don’t mix.  Helmets, glasses and camera walking up stairs without handrails is even more of a challenge.

The trusses for the concert hall are laid out ready for installation.  To the left is the watercourt, and in the background are the retail buildings.

The drum theatre shaping up.

Looking over the Level 1 terrace.

This truss supports the atrium glazing, and will be clad in timber veneer

The top of the concert hall.

Realised at this point that I was scared of heights.

Looking down from somewhere high.  In the foreground is the concert hall facade wing.

Walking through the Library level.  The library stair is to the right with a skylight above it.  To the left is the watercourt.

For pix of the model click here

To read more about the project click here


Linda and Albert


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Paul and Pamela Prewedding shoot


Had a great walk in the park with Paul and Pam.


like how the grass rolls on and on

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Chatswood Civic Place


Some model pix of the Chatswood Civic Place.  This is a project that I worked on for a while.  Its now under construction.  It includes a concert hall, a theatre, a multipurpose hall, library and retail.

The plaza and watercourt are surrounded by sandstone retail blocks

Victoria Avenue

View of the concert hall atrium glass

Funky back of house