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Adam and Skye


Adam and Skye had their wedding ceremony in a beautiful white church at Edgecliff. Shooting the bridal prep was great fun in a funky terrace house with two cute little dogs wandering around! Skye and her bridesmaids were from overseas, so it was great to do the shoot at some iconic Sydney landmarks- the Rocks and Observatory Hill.

I like how there is contrast of the quiet, still foreground with the dress in focus, with the blurry action of the bride busying herself in the background.

This photo looks like it might have been posed but again, it’s entirely natural. The bridesmaids had just taken a photo of themselves on the couch, and they called Skye over to have a look, and the two little dogs followed. The colours look as if they’d come from the same palette, and set against the white wall and floor of the house, look fresh and summery.

I like this shot because the silhouettes are clear, and the bride is framed nicely by the arch. It’s also interesting because there is action, but also a quiet thoughtfulness.

Who could resist a photo of a cute little dog next to those shoes with such bling!! Notice how the dog is all dressed up too- with the green ribbon around its neck!

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