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Dan and Fayette


Dan and Fayette had a huge wedding at St Thomas, North Sydney. The rain came down hard while we were shooting at Kirribilli, and we had to take shelter inside Luna Park! We then went to Martin Place and walked up to the Lindt Cafe for hot chocolates. The bridal party was lots of fun which made our day very enjoyable too.

The rain was getting quite heavy here, and we were hiding under an umbrella that one of the groomsmen was holding over us! But it was great fun getting the shot, and well worth it.

Martin Place is a such a cool place to shoot photos.  Some of our favourite own wedding pics were taken here.

Dan and Fayette are great leapers.  Everytime i see these guys they’re in the air.  The groomsmen on the right look as if they’re levitating!

The bridal party enjoyed themselves so much, and laughed and joked the whole time. It made it easy for us to get great photos!

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