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Richard and Lina


It was fun shooting for Richard and Lina.  Lina is Swedish and super stylish.  Richard knows a thing or two about buildings and made sure we had great locations to shoot at.  The ceremony was at St James on King Street.  The shoot was essentially a walk in and out of Hyde Park, and the reception was at one of my favourite buildings, The Mint.

This composition was entirely natural, but it worked so well! The framing of the ornate door, the rich brown and gold colours, and the clear silhouettes make the photo look like a carefully composed oil painting.

St Johns on King Street

The couple signed their registry in this beautiful sanctuary

The angles of the building and of the streets and fence add so much to the photo. Everything focuses in on the bride and groom, and they are staged perfectly.

This was one of Richard and Lina’s favourite shot. A vast, clean backdrop, with purposeful action, and of course the gorgeous little flowergirl in red!

The reception was across the road at the Mint building.

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  1. 17/02/2009Jenny Sun say:

    i LOVE that shot with the little girl in the red jacket trailing behind… very journalistic :D

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