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Aidan and Bethany


There was constant rain throughout Aidan’s and Bethanys wedding day.  The rain really challenged us to come up with some of our best work to date.  The light was fantastically soft, the locations were really classy and the bride and groom were really in control throughout.  We rarely directed the action, just photographing what was there was already perfect.  Thanks guys.

I love this photo! It looks like a scene lifted from an old movie. Bethany looked so retro and so elegant.

The bride looks as if she’s in a photo frame. The house has an historic feel to it, with heavy dark wood door frames, lovely wall paper and stained glass windows. I really enjoyed shooting there- there were so many possibilities and interesting compositions.

The colours are beautiful and rich here- the orange Christmas lights give such a nice atmosphere, and the green in the tie really lifts the photo.

And this is just cool!

It never stopped raining that day, but that made the light beautifully soft.

The church had lighting that was quite difficult- it was like having spotlights everywhere. But it added to the drama of the photos.

Walsh Bay was a great spot to take pics in the rain.  Its like a ready made photostudio.

In post processing the photos from their location shoot, we made the colours a bit desaturated, but upped the contrast of light and dark. That really suited the rainy day and soft light, and gave the photos more mood.

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  1. 20/01/2009Rhonda Mason say:

    These are gorgeous photos. Love the colours and composition and also the little touches you added in post production.

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